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Need an alliance that will accept me lol

I have applied to over 10 alliances over the past day and have yet to get into one. Level 20 player, 4900-5000 trophies, lots of spare DNA. Want an alliance that has at least some experienced players. Let me know. Thank you

@wrothgar :thinking:

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Apply to ours. We would be glad to have you - @Sean_Tes

We are Carnage Collectors

Edited to add: we are family friendly non competitive. Requests are not filled full frequently. But we enjoy each others company.

Hello! My fiancé & and I, as well as a friend of ours play together from Southern IL and we have two other players who joined from other states as well. Right now, the 5 of us donate to each other every time there is a request made (as long as we have it, of course) and we are pretty good about filling requests every time it’s asked as we all work different hours throughout the day/night. You’re welcome to join our alliance if you’d like! We are StygiShield. We are in the process of potentially merging another group of 3 high levels. We range now from 20-14 I believe is the lowest. Look us up! :blush:

Sent request

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@MikkoAmour please send him info for disco rd

Have an alliance now. Can close this baby up :+1: