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Need an Alliance to help me out here

Hey guys I’m on level 5 and I range from 260-300 trophies please I want to get good creatures
I have no EPICS!!!

I’m new to the game

You are welcome to join our alliance, search for The Fangs of China. All we ask is that you never leave your rank on 0 and participate in championships once you reach 2000 trophies :relaxed:

Your welcome to join JWA Paleontology @fiercekid101. We are a top 100 alliance, we can help you beat epic, legendary, unique, and apex raids. And via our high level sanctuary’s I think you can get numerous epic dinosaurs in no time. Please DM me on discord if interested in applying. (MINMI#4136)

thank you!

What’s your alliance name

It depends what level you are now and which alliance/alliances you have, but I am also a beginner. My alliance is called Rhamphorynchus, and it does not have any others in it, so I need help with raids and other creatures. I have most Rares and epics but not any ledgendaries, uniques or apexes.

Razzorz warriors

John R Cadle

Hi Irritator246 I can join your alliance and might I suggest a friend with a level 18 indominus rex he’s on level 10 and can help with many raids and other things
Thank you Fiercekid101

I also have rares and epics

Yes you can; its name is Rhamphorynchus.

Hi @fiercekid101,

I don’t know if you are still alliance hunting, but seeing as this topic was sprung to life I’ll assume you are.

You are welcome to join my second alliance Goose Gang2. We max all donations, score very high in championships, and get great incubators.

Most importantly, we share the same discord as Goose Gang. Meaning you can get apex raid help from the alliance. Please respond if interested. Thank you.

Thank you so much and can I bring my friend

I’ll only be there from Thursday to Saturdays

*Saturday :grinning:

Yes @fiercekid101

or all of yall can join hunting season. We welcome everyone and no requirements other than being active.

Can i join? New tô the game but very active

Add me plz !! Beginner but very active

Ok, freak84 I’ll add you!

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