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Need an explanation


I posted a question in here last night and the questions are gone. Who and why would they delete my post?

I was fighting a dino team and the other person was winning 2 to 1 then i brought in tryo to kill off their gorgosuchus. My tryo was full health and faster and he his gorgosuchus had 52 health. So i selected my move and i assume my opponent selected his.

Then the screen went to opponent wins without any lag or delay that could have caused me to lose. He didn’t swap out because gorgosuchus was in the winners circle.

Even if it didn’t accept my move my default move would have finished off 52 health. Can anyone explain what happened?


This actually happens quite often. If you restart and get back to the game you can sometimes get back in time to finish playing. Happened to me yesterday.


Oh yes that happens to me as well all the time where the game freezes up mid fight and i need to restart the app. But that isn’t what happened here. The game didn’t freeze i didn’t miss a round there was no time in between me picking my move and the end screen that said opponent wins. I literally picked my move and within 2 seconds i saw the opponent wins screen and gorgosuchus was the winner meaning he couldn’t have swaped in a level 30 draco with a lucky crit to take me out. He literally just won without the round going off cause i would have killed gorgosuchus with even a basic attack.


It wasn’t deleted, but this forum is popular and busy so things drop down quickly.

In future click your own name to look at your profile to find your old topics.


This happens often… and like the other person said if you restart your app… you most likely get back into the fight that the game just said was over… its due to connection issues according to Ludia if you search for the large thread title “lost a fight i was winning” you can see how often this happens and is not the app freezing.


That’s odd…maybe your opponent was cheating somehow. I just assume whenever something weird like that happens, like when I’m home with great WiFi connection, and the game keeps freezing on me (even if I exit and restart the game 3 times and it’s STILL not letting me click buttons), that it’s because the opponent is like freezing my game somehow to win.

I’m not sure if that’s possible, I’m prob just being paranoid. But I wouldn’t be surprised if there are people out there who are bored and tech savvy enough to find out how to mess with their opponents connection during battle. :thinking:

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Sorry i scrolled back 3 days worth of posts and i couldn’t find it.


I am with you. They keep saying it was a connection issue and restarting my app would fix the issue but i have had that issue many times and it wasn’t that. There was no lag in the response time the game didn’t freeze up he just went from 52 hps to winning the match instantly and right after i could and did start another match.

I think he found a way to cheat and if i was smart enough i would have wrote down his name rather than start another match.


Yeah, I mean it could have been that stupid speed glitch too, maybe gorgo was faster than you and it showed that you were faster? But still you didn’t even see his attack happen so that’s weird. Did the timer count all the way down to zero before it said the opponent won?


You dont seem to understand what were tring to explain to you in both threads so i will try to dumb this down for you so you understand im refering to your specific issue…

When you get the message that says you lost a match but neither player killed 3 dinos… ie the match was 1-1, 2-1, 2-0… ect

Immediately, force close the app, restart the game, then hit the battle button asap… 9 out of 10 times you will reconnect to the match the game just told you that you lost. Youll most likely have missed a turn or two and if it was close might have lost it.

This is a known issue in which ludia has responded in the megathread “lost a match I was winning” that i directed you to in my first post.


I immediately started another battle without having to restart the app. I only think to restart the app if the app doesn’t respond. And i am not crazy someone moved my thread to the battle arena which i posted in general.

Thanks for your advice.


When this happens there is a disconnect of some sorts between the client and the game server. The client thinks the game is over even though its still going on the servers… without a restart the client will just look for a new match. The restart is required to get back into the match the client just told you was a loss.