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Need assistance

Anyone have any ideas on how to beat this with any of these creatures?

Dioraja for Dodocevia. Suchotator + swap in wound for Compsocaulus. Entelolania will be the problem. If you have a marsupial lion that can Tank an impact you are probably going to win however.

I actually tested this final battle with some low level creatures, spinocon is arguably one of the best counters to the flocks and it did quite well. LvL 21 spinocon killed both dodocevia and compsocaulus (with RNG involved) Then I beat entelolania with marsupial Lion and got a 3-1 victory.

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Be careful that lania goes for DEVASTATION on first turn…

It did not for me. Is it known to do that?

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Id say dioraja, tenontorex and suchotator

it does that too oponents that are on the weaker end, otherwise it should strike

I got it with dio, sucho, darwin and tenrex


Took me 2 attempts, but I finally got it with Suchotator, Manga, and Monolometrodon. Monolometrodon’s nullifying strike helped with both flocks a ton, and my Manga took out the stinking Entelolania

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It killed my tenrex by going devastation on first turn… I think they choose any random move no matter it has delay…