Need ban cheaters


cheaters using fake gps I believe they have become so many honest players can not keep up with their progress. on this disappears the desire to play. please take action!


Agreed. I even saw a GPS spoofer post a screenshot the other day which had the cheat program’s icons still on screen!


It’ll happen don’t worry, but they will come back again! And again, and again!


As long as mobile games exist there will be hacking and cheating! All we can do is the best we can! Forget about gps spoofing we have to deal with teens in cars getting dinos! Hmm a good new show for Jerry Seinfeld to explore!

This game launched at the perfect time for school aged teens with nothing to do all day but drive around collecting!

Most of us work 8 hours a day in the same place than go home to the same place and are basically stuck with the same group of dinosaurs!

The game needs to add an algorithm that can detect a player who is constantly in the same place for lengths of time and possibly change the dinosaurs once in a while!

I fear our biggest competitors in a game like this is not the cheaters but the kids out of school for the summer!

Good luck to us working stiffs!!!