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Need better DNA rewords for alliance missions rewords


Need more verify of DNA for the alliance quest I have way to much useless DNA I can’t use do to the lack of coins I have a lv16 common diplocaulus with 8298 extra DNA a lv15 hen common Triceratops with 34,995 extra dna the amount of extra useless dna i have the lack of coins and the fact that its the same dna in the alliance missions rewords just different amounts is annoying and a wast of time


Extra useless DNA is not doing players any good the need to mix up what kinds of DNA players get from the alliance missions rewords it’s to the point that the alliances are more of a annoying burden of players bagging or demanding DNA and not sharing that and the bugs,games crashes making pvp friendly battles and the tournament pointless or annoying beyond belife.


So can ludia make it worth players time putting up with others asking or demanding dna in the alliances by at least mixing up the alliance compblision DNA rewords after each week or to got so much extra useless dna and have to deal with others spamming the chat asking for DNA causeing my game to lag


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