Need big Maxima to help with a mortem raid

Hey guys we have an alliance member who hasn’t got DNA today for mortem we have a tuora and a big irritator and they have thyla for the 6 turn win.

Need an ardentis/Gemini with the ability to do over 3300 damage and has over 8500 health if any are around to help.

The strategy is quick and has a good success rate as long as mortem random attack doesn’t hit thyla

I can help you with a maxima, DM me :slightly_smiling_face:

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Do you have the strategy around using Thyla that you are willing to share?
We usually try to use a Mortem but would be great to see how this works and the requirements of each.

The mortem doesn’t work unless 26 or boosted in hp, beaver couldn’t do it unless he got a crit and would usually die later on

Yea guys it’s only possible with irritator boosted to survive about 4400 health. Then any thyla LV 18+ can do it. We use tuora lv27 boost/heal/eheal and repeat round 2
Irritator boost, boost, attack

Thyla dodge rending bleed

Maxima decel, rampage and attack.

If it doesn’t hit thyla with the random attack then you have success and obviously if dodge fails it dies but generally it takes 6 minutes and it’s all done

We did 10 completion today using this method

The thyla does 25k damage

The Maxima must be as big as I said in original post

Oops, was thinking of lux for some reason :slight_smile: yes usually tenonto, tryo, tuora and max

Thank you very much :slight_smile: