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Need Casual Active Alliance

Hi! I don’t know how this works but here goes~
My husband and I are in need of an active alliance. We currently have our own alliance but we can only achieve up to Rank3 Exploration and Rank2 Defense because there’s only two of us. I am currently LVL10 and my husband is LVL9. We are very active in game. We hope we can work together with other players soon.

My IGN: Mamayabs#8547
My Husband’s: Papeeyabs#7965

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Raptor Gaurdians is always looking for new members. We would be considered casual active I think


Join Dilligaff. We’re a very active alliance.


Thanks for replying. We’ll be sure to check it out!

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Thank you! I will search and check you guys out~

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Okay, looking forward to having the two of you join us.

Hi again~ Are you the one who sent the friend request in game? We would love to join Dilligaff but I am the only one who can chat on Discord with you guys. My husband’s Discord is for his work.

Hi yes. You can explain this to the group leader.

AncientDNA has a couple of places. We are a 4/4 alliance. We are a laid back bunch, who chat and donate. We have a 3rd party chat where we discuss a bunch of stuff and we all help each other.

Lots of us have been here since the start of the alliance,. We have just started organised sanctuaries.

We don’t have a bunch of rules, we just ask for daily battle incubators, and battles as required.

We are very international and converse in English

Pop me a DM if you like the sound of us. :blush:

Inhave recently started a new alliance we are starting our third week as old alliance leader left for about 2 months. We are all active and are now 27 members from original 7
We are 123 check out my horns.
Indont have loads of rules. But it is appreciated if you can dart as much as possible and collect supply drops. Also try to do your daily battle incubator as that’s what holds us back. We could definitely manage 4 exploration and 3 defence next week…not thisnweek as there was a blip at beginning of week with all alliances.