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Need Competitive Alliance (lvl 18 player)

Hey there!
I’ve been playing JWA for quite some time now. I’m looking to start playing more competitively and am seeking an active alliance!

A little bit about me:
-My player level is 18
-My current leaderboard score is 4226 Lockwood Estate.
-I have discord app to help us communicate.
-I frequent tournaments
-I aim to create new hybrids

Message me your team names below and let’s see if we’re a good fit!


Hey there Goose Gang 2 is recruiting. We are a rebuilding alliance with 43+ players. Were active and are trying to improve our rewards by getting better players. In tournament we get tier 8-9 depending ok the weeks but we’re improving quickly. We are co oping with Goose Gang which we share sancs with and get new players from when needed. We have a discord too where you can join chat, do raids, and ask for dna. You can add me on discord Captain L#6459 for more information about joining and to join our discord!

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Hellooo @Rin_Spiritwolf We have a spot for a new member :slight_smile:

*Top 100 Alliance
*10 & 10 Weekly Rewards
*T8/T9 Tournament Rewards

  • Proud Members of ARK
    *Part of the Delta Build
    *3 Level 20 Sanctuaries
  • Active on discord
    *Many experienced players willing to help
    *Active in all Raids
  • More then just an alliance, more like a Dino family. We support each other through the good times and the bad.



All the best

The GamePress alliance is excited to expand its family with the creation of the GamePressGen2 alliance! This alliance is catered towards helping people grow in the game in all aspects, with the possibility of moving up towards the original GamePress alliance.

We offer:

  • Weekly rewards and Alliance Championship rewards constantly going up
  • Access to mentoring and Tournament help from members of the GP alliance
  • At least 2 level 20 Sanctuaries due to our Shared Sanctuary Co-Op
  • Raiding help
  • A fun environment to help you grow
  • Access to our exclusive Discord server

What we would like from you:

  • Enthusiasm to learn and grow in the game
  • Keen to be part of a team
  • Be a Tournament eligible player and do your takedowns
  • Be on Discord so we can communicate with you easily

If you want to apply, please contact me on here , Trezz24#9854, Bart#4400 or Sarahmguy#3716 on Discord :slight_smile: