Need Direct Hitters and Battlers

Dysfunctional Dinos is looking for players who like to battle or are good at getting direct hits. Discord is mandatory. We need players who will do more than the bare minimum to help our ralliance each the highest ranks. We are a Co-OP that creates two Level 20 sanctuaries in about 24 hours. We currently reach 9/8 but are in a rebuilding process. We regularly donate DNA to our members. We have a number of couples in our alliance and come from different parts of the world. We are a fun group who communicate regularly and like to talk about anything. Come be a Dysfunctional Dino. PM me to discuss joining.

I’ve been in Dysfunctional Dinos for about a week, and so far it’s awesome. You get the minimum requirements done and you’ll be fine, but that doesn’t stop you from wanting to help the whole group with the Alliance rewards. A+ Alliance so far :ok_hand:

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