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Need friends and searching for active alliances

Go ahead and drop your profiles so we can connect and if you have an active alliance in the US I’d be glad to join. Goodluck to everyone, let’s go get that DNA

NJraptor0625 #4421 I can’t post a screen shot right now

Add me on discord Jurricane #9538
I have an active alliance and good raid support discord is required tho


We just broke away from our previous alliance this week and are seeking new members.

Are you needing an alliance? Or are you searching for new players? @JKatz

Yeah that confused me too :sweat_smile:

Either or! There’s a handful of us now so we are trying to grow our new alliance but are also willing to merge.

Recruited! :slight_smile:

@J.Katz How many of there are you? And what levels are you? We have a really solid group, but we may have a little room to do some cleaning. Kick some of our lower levels who don’t do much, add some fresh, active players

There are 10 of us right now, 6 of us are level 20. We left our other Alliance Monday because they were restricting eligible players from raiding Apex. We would be interested in a merger

@J.Katz Wow! Well I reached out to our leaders, ill let you know asap!

My leader said to reach out to him on Discord
I’m assuming you all are on Discord? That’s our main way of communication

I am not looking to merge with another alliance, but I do have up to four spots available for active players (people who do their dailies – including DBI – and who always get their 10 takedowns in tournaments). My alliance is just about in the top 100 (we were 106th last championship) and has all the usual stuff (multiple level 20 sancts, 10/9 weekly rewards, tier 8/9 in championships, great raid groups). If there are any small groups out there who are looking to move up from a low-activity alliance where they’re doing all the work, I’d like to talk!