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Need Friends for Epic raids. Got Thylacotator ready

Need someone to help me with raids I need a healing dinosaur

I can be of some assistance if needed, got loads of raid bois(plenty for epic, good legendaries, fewer uniques and nothing for apex). Might I be so bold to ask, if you are in an alliance, can they not assist you?
SnakeDude 4021

I could also help you @Rexy3,

This is my Jurassic World Alive Name so feel free to friend me.


If your looking for some more coordination your welcome to contact me on discord, I can assist you in Legendary, Unique, and Apex raids if you do that. My discord is MINMI#4136.

Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:


*You’re (10 Characters)


feel free to add me too if you need any help for raids

I bet you felt very smart after that one.

Hey everyone, forgot to mention that I’m on level 7 just started the game but really want to do my first raid and if you guys don’t have a problem with my level feel free to join me in my raids cause I really need help on raids. To answer your question Snake_Dude I do have an alliance but there are only 2 people on there and they haven’t unlocked raids.
I also want to say thank you for the profile pictures everyone I’m really considering friending you guys if you don’t mind.
My in-game name is theapexpredator.

One more question.
Do any of you have Edmontoguanadon

Thank you for the picture, love your team BTW.

Thanks MINIMI considering friending you if you don’t mnd

MINMI sorry for the wrong spelling

Do you play Jurassic world alive

My second account if anyone’s interested
This is an old picture at the moment I have 155/200

Indoraptor01 is willing to help

Thank you so much I will friend you soon

r u in an alliance

if not can u join mine

Oh feel free, I don’t mind at all. Happy to help if you invite me to an epic raid :slightly_smiling_face:

Rexy… I’m sure they all have edmontogaunadon these are people that can carry u through an apex raid u should start doing at the very least legendary and unique raids with them I would have offered to help but it seems you have more than you need lol

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Well,I could’ve helped,but it seems like you got a squad already. And surely a lvl 15 spinotah won’t be good as a great help. But if you got 2 thylaco’s you could do double prowl and theen the takedown. Then use an Irritator to boost the dmg. And an edmontoguanodon to heal. Repeat on 2nd round.
On 2nd round,Ready To Crush cooldown should still be up,so they should usee Group Takedown,as it’s a prority Ready To Crush.
Since Irritator won’t have any move except for Group Takedown/Ready To Crush ,they use Defense Shattering Strike.
If you’re fighting rex,use this strat.If you’re fighting a sino,this tactic as well.And mammoth,It has “Bellow”,so Edmontoguanodon has to heal once he sees it,as heal cleanses.