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Need friends for Raids? I do too

North America

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Pacific daylight time

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@Dhrita_Gane @Cheeseeater do you guys what to participate in a smilo raid I will be hosting soon and at 3:30 pm AEST

Sure. I can use Ardent

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Thanks. I’ll be using Erilidominus. I’ll just need one more player if you know anyone that can fill that spot give them my username and code


I have an alt account with an level 18 boosted tryo

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@Cheeseeater found someone so we will be ready to raid soon

Alright I’m on

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Not telling you how to play or anything just thought I’ll tell you this as well. These are the dinos I won last time I raided

Shield destoryer (Thoradolosaur)
A damage dealer (erilidominus)
A invincibility taunter (Diorajasaur)
And a healer (Tuoramoloch)

I don’t have dio

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@Karmageddon I will be raiding soon

Just came across this. Invite expired.

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