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Need friends for Raids? I do too

What is the health of your tenontorex?

User name on discord Eminent Stay

Ok. What is your number in discord?

Actually now I check discord is WPB50 #7325 I don’t use discord a lot and it looks like I registered my PoGo name!! Tenton is 4081 health but I can level it up if needed as 20 boosts available.

To avoid dying to a crit, it needs to be 4200 health. Other than that we should be fine. I shall add you to discord, and ask my friend if she will help you.

I can easily level it to that!

Do it. What to chat in discord? My friend is on.

Done. Now 4285 health.

That works. We should be good

Hi looking for raid friends. Im quite a lot online. Please add me

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Im level 13 add me: NoobLegend27 #2360

No-one in my friends list cna invite me at this point in time

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Hello all. I am looking for friends to raid Mortem Rex and Hadros Lux. By next week I’ll have Tuoramoloch at lv 23 24 with boosts.



I really need friends to do any raids above legendary

Add me for raiding, in the name of the heldenhammer!

I am only doing epic and legendary raids, for now

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Quick question do you have a level 15 irrit @Dilo_Suggests