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Need friends for Raids? I do too

I sent you a request too, just got here in the forum and saw it.
Dunno if you’re online and if we can do it in time but: are you up to raid Smilonemys now!?

Anyone is up to raid SMILONEMYS about now!?

I still got like one to two hours of raid in my place.
Due to Christmas, different time zones and stuff, my alliance’s friends couldn’t get a Smilo in range and then we didn’t did it - and it’s the second week in a row that I haven’t won that raid because nobody could get a Smilo near (yeah, we got 50 players and no Smilo in range).
So, I really really will be thankful if anyone raids Smilo with me. I know it’s not a hard raid, I’ve done it hundreds of times, but I don’t have him in range and also can’t do it alone.

I got a fully boosted Thor, 125 spd. Need good healers and/or distractors.
My nickname is “Rag”, #7314.

Also, now that we have 3 to 4 raids per day during the week, I really need some new nice and strong players in my friendlist :sunglasses: !


ZanellatoBR29 #4816

I have 3 different bosses and different rarities. I am not interested in any of them (I am interested in Hadros but my creatures are not good enough). If anyone is interested, add me and let me know.

I’m a daily player, have beaten all the raids (including apex) and am online regularly.

Noechie #6146
Got the unique dino’s but I can’t raid by myself, ready to lend me a hand?

Need some more Friends to win the apex raids. I try to play dailly and it’s nice to use
guides for raids.

I need friends to invite me to unique and above raids I’m called babyaa2005#1781

lightningclaw#2580 I friend you

I’m looking for people who can raid and boss share on the East Coast (or close enough time zones) of the USA. Preferably in the evening 5pm - 11pm. I created a discord:

EST / UTC - 5


Hi Y’all. I’m Ron #1408 I usually have the game open between 0700 and 1600 MST I’d love to have some Raid buddies who might actually be online.

I need to start getting apex dna anyone can help

i might not bring a help because i olny have 1 unique dinosaur that is my indoraptor at level 21 but it is boosted i have 23 friends

Someone can help me with raid?

hey can anybody help me with this strat? i have the thor, looking for the rest of the team since my clanmates did it without me and now they’re asleep image0