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Need friends for Raids? I do too

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Thanks I added you

Cynamin_Owens what time are you online for raids because I’m online around 4:00-4:30pm UAE time

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us time 8am-7 or 8 pm est.

I googled the times and my 8 am is your 4pm. So we should be fine.

@Sincc Added you no response.

We would have to be added as a friend to do raids on jwa and for that you need to send your profile pictures with your friend code to add you

Great. That will work but I will not be online today so I will invite you to the T.rex raid most likely.

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Could we do smilonemys raid tommorow I really like it and I like smilonemys

my name in Jurassic world alive I also like to call erlickogamma erlikograndma

Maybe. Do you have discord?

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I can help you better over discord, as most of my alliance is there, but if not I’ll try to get something over the forums


What other raids do you like
if you like legendary raids can I friend you?

Level 8 1010 cups and a lot of good raid creatures
especially my Thlacotator: level 13

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I like meglosuchus raid

Are you okay with the Mammotherium raid because it only has one minion and it’s on level 16 so it’s a bit easier.
So if you’re okay with it let’s do it or we can use the marsupial strat on the Mortem rex raid cause I really want to get Mortem.unnamed (1)

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Anyone wanna do this strat for Mortem raid cause I have the marsupial lion ready.

I’m probably too low level for most of you but I welcome and accept any new friends :slight_smile: I stopped playing for awhile but I’m trying to be more active.

Sure why not