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Need friends for Raids? I do too

what are the numbers

Screenshot_20210629-120730_JW Alive

Still a low level, but I’d like to start trying some raids, please add! :slight_smile:

Please add me for any raid, especially the Apex - I have the required Dino’s ready to rock :slight_smile:

Hi i am senti99#8732

Im looking for friends to do some raids. Im Level 16 with some epics on around level 20.
I am from Germany and be able to play raids from about 7 pm. UTC+1 or CET

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Hi! I’m looking for friends for raids, this is my profile

WhatsApp Image 2021-06-30 at 10.25.56

My username is Gordonosaurus 9803. How about everyone sets up a time to raid together? I can only do it at 2 on weekends because I have summer camp this week.


Yo, got the creatures just need the buddies!

Screenshot_20210701-100750_JW Alive

Add me everyone!

Hi guys

I run an active alliance in Europe but we would love to get our hands on haast raid as early as possible.

Anyone who can add me on discord and friend on app would be greatly appreciated to send haast as early as possible! Would be very appreciated!

Please msg me if you can help us

Hi! I would love to join your alliance. If you could tell me your player name and number, I would appreciate it. I’m level 11 and have a couple of legendary dinos. I know its not enough to help with apex raids but I would be happy to do epic or legendary raids. My player name is VineshJaguar and number is 7047. Thank you!


My Brother and I are looking for people who would want to help us in Apex raids. We would want to start with Mortem Rex and/or Hadros Lux preferably, however, it does not really matter which ones would go first as we would like to collect them all in the end ^-^. Thank you in advance.

Greets, Gilatrix.

Hello ALL. Raids? Maybe :slight_smile:

I would really like to try some raids!!

Would either my tuoramoloch or tryostronix be usable in mortem raid? Tuora is non boosted and tryo has 1/2/1 boosts.

They need minimum 4200 HP to be able to do mortem raids


Okay, thank you :grin:

Can someone help me with the Scorpius rex raid today