Need friends for Raids? I do too

Im looking Raid friends that at least know the strategy, feel free to add me, Rodanradon#5730

Hello qaw nice to see you here

Could somebody invite me for a Rex raid? I need the dna badly.

i have send you a friend request

have send you a friend request

Hi Apyr
added you on a friend request

Hello im a newish player and i would like to play in raids and if you have suggestions pls tell me

Hey I’m a dude who’s just getting into the later game not all the way late game but starting so I’m looking for people to help me with legendary raids don’t care which ones but along as there a legendary raid so add me if your up for this

Hello hello just sent you a frequest hope you accept

I have accepted it

my in-game name is darkshadow.

do u know the number after the name ?

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Yep it’s thirty seven and thirty five.

I am looking for players who would like to do some raids in order to unlock creatures