Need friends for Raids? I do too


Here’s me

Would love some help beating the apex raids and unlocking those creatures

Sent request

slendy #5231


Hey guys add me plz :slight_smile:


Add me. Plz

i need friend

Hi can I have some people who can help with the Legendary Raids i.e Scorpius, indominus and pyritator. It would be very much appreciated. My in game name is AYB0880.
Again I would like to thank anyone in advance.
This is my team:


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Trying to do raids more often and I’m usually active. I love the game but have hardly anyone to join raids or to invite me to raids.

Do you use Discord ? If you use then join this server and find me and DM me.

oh hey there…ok sure I live in an centralised city place in Singapore and it is a BIG one. I do get bosses every now and then in which even I need help in…I sure could use more help and friends

ok guys just wanted to say make sure you ave raids unlocked otherwise…

Ok guys this is my profile…really need help with the raids and bosses thnx a lot

Any rare or epic raids I will help