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Need friends for Raids? I do too

Do one thing. Join my Discord,find me add me and you can find the link here only.

alright bro…send me ur discord number and user will add you

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Add me please.
I am always online especially for raids. I am new but good healers.


Hey, I’m new to this game but I really like it because I like dinosaurs (I play a lot in Jurassic World the game). I need friends to do any raids, get new dinosaurs and develop. Please add me :grin:

Our alliance needs more members so that we can do legendary and unique raids.

My Discord DARKSHADOW18 #6603

Please check your friend request list. I sent a request to you. darkshadow #3735.
And add me in Discord so we can communicate with each other DARKSHADOW18 #6603

I need your help with Apex raid.
I usually look for discord channel to participate raid.

I will dmb, so if you do not mind , please let me join in.

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I need some help doing some Apex raids, free a lot of the time.

I have a heavily boosted diorajasuar, so Im looking to do any of the Apex like hydro boa.

Got a level 18 para lux for healing too.Screenshot_20210828-191801_JW Alive|690x1533

I only started playing this year, Im pretty actively determined to rise on this game.

Im the top contributor in my alliance on mostly everything.


Can I get your discord ?
Mines DARKSHADOW18 #6603
add me and DM me

Can I get your discord ?
Mines DARKSHADOW18 #6603
Add me and DM me

Hi! I’m relatively new, but looking for people to raid with. I’m on at least once a day, but usually more often.

Pls add me.


Name is iroufy#7139 please add for raids thanks

Looking for raid friends