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Need friends for Raids? I do too

I need friend too to do some raids.

My username is: Najara80#1607

Hi I’m OpaeUla #2220. Please add me for raids. Hoping to be able to do some legendary and above raids if possible. Will need help from stronger players. Thank you!

IM just wondering if theres a discord server for raids?

This is the general JWA server, it has channels for raids: JWA Discord

I can help with legendary and under raids and unique depending on the strategy.

Here’s mine

Feel free to add me for raids :slightly_smiling_face:

My acc

no my team now but still my account

nvm cant find the photo but my user is Terriblelizard#7889

I’m always up for a raid

Feel free to add me for raids. :point_up:t3:Screenshot_20210922_101915_com.ludia.jw2