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Need friends for Raids? I do too

Um I need raid friends because everytime I do a raid and invite some of my friends it always takes a long time for them to come on even if they are online it still takes a long time to join me in raids and if you wait for a sec, I’ll try to get my username

Ad me for frends PLEAS id Melii2sa #7224

If you like me are struggling to find friends for the first three Raids (Hadros, Mortem and Cera) add me.

Add there tyagho29

Ysandral 9886


Would like to do some raids, currently been playing for a week, approaching level 9, team ranges from level 11-15 but progression has slowed down due to a coin difficiency! Am active on and off from around 10am-2am uk time (birmingham). I’m not on any social media, so if this is a prerequisite for you I’m not your guy. Thanks.