Need friends


I swear…does any1 get out of the badlands? I feel like every time im fixin to hit the next arena…i just get knocked back down!! And I get put up against ppl that have dinos I’ve never seen before that are high lvls!! Wth?? Any1 wanna friend?? Feel free to add me! Angel #3605


I’ve jumped back and forth between the badlands and lockdown so many times that I should have whiplash!


The transition from Badlands to Lockdown is very difficult. Lockdown is probably the most frustrating arena


wait till you get up to 3800 3900 trophies and try to go from sorna to Jurassic ruins…i about broke my phone on a every day basis lol​:joy::joy::rofl:


At this point…if I had endless money…im pretty sure use go thru 10 fones a day…thats how I know this is a good game…by how bad it pissed me off!! :wink: