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Need Help About My Dinos

What dinos should I use to win?

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Which battle is this?
The second, third or fourth?

rritator,diplo and posto

you have evolved alangasaurus, SUPER, for the next ones, I recommend posto lvl 40 and ophiacodon lvl 40, but otherwise, great team, I love zejhingapterus, too bad he has such a weak hybrid and not extremely magnificent …

Battle Buildup. The 5th one.

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Maybe wait until tomorrow to do your strongest dinos

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I do not know if you have already claimed this offer but only for today you can use this link and get 50 free Dino Bucks.
50 Free Dino Bucks
Update: link no longer active


I won.




Thanks. It took me a few tries but I finally won. I am so happy because it’s my first legendary


Nice thats the prize i got too.

Because of this event I was able to get my alangasurus to level 40 which is pretty cool cause now it is my strongest creature. Now once again my herbivores are lacking strength.

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