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Need Help building my team

I’m lvl 17 been playing for about 2 years with about 3609 trophies.I need help rebuilding my team cause I’m getting bear almost every other battle.This is my current team and the stuff I have to work with.

I would concentrate on collecting the creatures you haven’t yet to get to level 20. Once you are level 20, you will stop missing out on the weekly missions, alliance championships and strike towers. Then you can start working on your team.

Stop putting boosts on your team as well. You don’t need any until you reach aviary. Keep them for end game creatures.

Monolometrodon out and indoraptor or utasinoraptor out as well. I would replace stegodeus with mammotherium (easy to get from raids). Acrocanthops is the new king of legendary creatures, so I would try to get it in the team as well.

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Put out indoraptor, utasino and monolometrodon. Put in allosino or tyrannolopho, and alloraptor. Then work towards uniques that are good (magna, mammolania, gemini, ardentis, erlidom, spyx, dioraja, m rhino and tryko. Also there are loe level strats for apexes, like the ankyntro beats refrenantem strat, so you could add some apex

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I’ll try out your suggestions and I’m about to get erilodom only 20 dna away from getting it.:slight_smile:

Could you send me a link of the strat?:slight_smile:

Lvl 20 Ankyntrosaurus
Lvl 28 Geminititan (1900 attack, 5500 health)
Lvl 30 Tuoramoloch (1800 attack, 4740 health)
Lvl 26 Mortem Rex (2250 attack, Faster than Geminititan)

Anky: 2,3,1,2 3,1,1,3 2,4,1,1
M rex: 1,3,4,3 1,3,4,3 1,3,4,3
Gemini: 2,3,4,1 2,3,4,1 2,3,4,2
Tuora: 3,2,3,1 2,1,3,4 2,1,1,1

Ive sent you it, see if you can a group with he rest of the stats though

I don’t have people with that caliber of dinos.:frowning:

you don’t? You can join a discord here with people who have gemini, tuora and m rex. @TheNoobLegend27 has a discord

That’s true you can join if you want just tag me @A_R :slight_smile:

would it be fine, if you run the ankyntro strat, also Id like to join but I dont have a discord account. Maybe later

Yeah sure if you ever do get one feel free to join :slight_smile:

@A_R we also have a spot in our alliance if you are interested

ok I managed to login to discord, how do I get in to your group

I can send an invite link in a few minutes

ok do you need anything