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Need help building raika

Been facing some very very tough raika lately while mine seam very weak I know my gear could be upgraded but I’m wondering if I’m using the right gear. Raika is level 13 right now so anyone got some tips to share?

Level 2 legend Regen stone
Level 2 legend armor
Level 8 rare weapon (weapon doesn’t really matter for defense)
Level 10 rare shoulder
Level 2 legend helm
Level 5 epic leg

well, I think FURY + HAMMER is really powerful DMG
but Barb isn’t tanky than one might think
(because of her LOW AC)

so I use epic pants + epic spear + FURY
if you have LEGENDARY SKULL(L2+), I recommanded equip that
if not, I recommanded equip RARE SKULL :wink:

my Barb(lv.18) build set

L8 epic pants
L8 epic helm
L3 leg skull
L8 epic spear
L12 rare armor / L8 epic
L3 leg ioun stone

I use pants and weapon that give health. Doesn’t help her tank damage 4 on 4. But if she last one standing. It sure helps win the 1 vs 4

Don’t think my build is the optimal, I have her at the exact same level with slightly lower defense, health and damage but slightly higher attack, all in all mine is almost identical:

Epic boots lvl 5 (heal 200% of DMG is great)
Legendary Helm lvl 2 (just the highest I have, plus counterattck+taunt on the same item is very effective)
Legendary Skull lvl 1 (the attack zone is really needed while I don’t have the hammer high enough)
Epic spear lvl 5 (some more life gain, but I’m working on getting the hammer as high as I can and will probably trade it in sometime soon, it’s just right now changing would lower my attack by 18 and damage by 59-17)
Legendary armor lvl 2 (but armor has no abilities, so really just use the highest you can get)
Legendary stone lvl 2 (only 40% chance, but that alone won me battles)

Raika is not very tanky, she has very high health but her defense is quite low, so any life gain or steal goes a long way. I also prefer the attack zone skull rather the the pull one, you start pretty close in PVP and I usualy get to use it on 2 characters or more).

I believe the Epic weapon is the best form of defense - given that it gives life back to the barb, it can keep him going to the end. When paired with the leg skull for counter-attack, you’ve got a hero that heals himself each time he gets hit (because he hits back, and regains life). In PvP, I’ve seen this combo actually result in players leaving him alone till the end - which is ofcourse, ludicrous because then his life drain really does help him 1v4 other parties.

Also, I don’t rate the leg ioun stone, as my goal is for him not to die. Instead, I use the gloves (epic) as the block here helps keep him alive longer.

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Oh I agree what I meant is I faced some raika that I wasn’t even doing a dent to them. Not that they were surviving with heal. I wasn’t clear enough but yeah the epic one help surviving