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Need help finding tenontosaurus

I am relatively new to JWA (started 3-4 months ago) and am closing on my first unique, tenontorex. Any suggestions about how to encounter tenontosaurus? I never seem them in the wild. I have heard parks is where they reside is this true? Are there certain times of day or days of the week more likely to encounter? And would a rare scent help increase chances?

I appreciate any and all insight.

Parks are your best bet. I run rare scents and keep moving so 2 dinos spawn instead of just one. Good luck!

If possible, buy a rare scent and start it at the park. Make sure you are walking around, not standing too long in one spot. After the first dino appears, every 2 minutes 2 more will appear. If it is a tenonto, stop and shoot it. If not, keep walking. Remember, every 2 minutes on the dot. If you stay in one place, it will only be one dino.

You won’t be guaranteed a tenonto, but with the amount of dinos appearing, you have a decent shot of getting between 1 and 3 during that 20 minute period.


Thank you so much appreciate your help!

Awesome thank you! I will buy a rare scent and use it trying that technique! Thanks for your help!

No problem. Also, quetzlcoatls will likely appear while you are running rare scents in the park. Those are worth the effort too.

Okay thanks! I’ll make sure to catch those too then!

I also want more tenonto! What also helps is if you have one in a sanctuary or if your alliance members do. You can get some more free dna by feeding/playing/interacting with them there. Of course, its only a tiny amount so you’d have to do it a ton to make enough for a fuse.

I made Tenontorex and spent a lot of days going to parks doing scents and doing the sanctuary’s. I’m still going to parks to do scents till I have it to where I can take it to 22 with the other level 21 unique’s I have. You’ll occasionally get tenonto’s and queztal’s out of 5 minute and large scents (in parks).

Also keep in mind that Lythronax and Purrasaurus Gen 2’s go together to make Purrolyth. Purrolyth is a component of Grypolyth which is what I am working on now. So part of still going to parks doing scents there is for Lythronax and Purrasaurus G2’s. I will be strictly darting Gryposuchus this weekend.

Cool I’ll definitely use all my scents at parks. Yeah I was actually thinking about trying to work towards grypho. I don’t have a ton of the epic I need for him unfortunately right now :confused:

Oh yeah I have been doing that and my alliance has been super awesome about donating him. Would love another event where he is involved! The 500 per fuse is a steep surprise for me lol

They spawn at banks too. I actually see them at banks more often than i do at parks. Its still a rare occurrence but it happens.

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I haven’t seen one at banks, only in parks. Sometimes you don’t need to run a rare scent in parks. I run a 5-min scent in the park and about 3 out of 5 scents there is a Tenontosaurus.

Tbh I rarely see them in range,but when they are it’s always at this one bank down the street for me

Huh interesting you say banks because I’ve only ever seen a couple wild and oddly enough one was at a bank. I’ll keep an eye out for them. I’m glad to hear even a regular scent can pop them. I almost never use them as I always would get suchimimus for the 10,000 time. But that was while sitting at home lol They now have a purpose again thanks guys!