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Need Help for Better Farming and Better Play

Dear Friends,

I am playing this game since last year, but playing it eventually for few weeks and then stop the game entirely only to open and play it later.
I am attaching screenshots of my game, Kindly suggest me how can I improve my gameplay and Coin, DNA and DBuck Farming. Also, How to stack up on Apatosaurus fossils? It gives good trade value but I can’t figure out how to stack them. Help is appreciated.


Also, I would like to know how should I lower the possibility of stronger opponents in PvE fights.

For park layout to help with coin production:

Tips for Trade Harbor farming:

To stack Apatosaurus Fossils you need to keep some land clear place them all down and then store them.


@Sionsith, Thank you for the topics!


I have lots of videos on my channel that will help in all sorts of areas of the game.

If you do have questions after watching any of them just ask here on the forums, lots of folks that are willing to help out.


Sure, thanks!

Hey have you noticed any changes in the trade harbor recently? I haven’t gotten any DB offers for apatosaurus fossils the last couple days. I have some Dinos in my inventory but idk if it’s just bad luck or if they changed something.

Probably bad luck, I will have streaks where I wont get any as well. It ebbs and flows.


Trade harbor hasn’t been touched by ludia for a while. Just the trade harbor’s weird formula for calculating trades…


I have changed my base layout, Kindly rate it! I will unlock John Hammond memorial soon. I will replace my decorations with it slowly…

Get rid of all the buildings, use decorations to boost your paddocks.

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What @DaWise_Weirdo means is keep the buildings aside. Do not sell them or anything :joy:

I would sell them,he should not rely on missions,I have not done a single one since level 50(excluding the one to have 25 dinosaurs at max level,it happened by accident.)

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Your case is unique, but don’t make him copy what you did. Let him have the buildings aside for coins (if he wants to).

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I am not making him do what I did. He can do anything he wishes to,but I sold the buildings as i consider it wiser,it allows him to have enough space for putting the decorations around paddocks, and way more coins, the only good use for Buildings is Missions,which are not worth the effort,so yes,but if he wants his game to go like a park and he wants the most fun(what a game is supposed to give you), he can use Buildings and create a park,as long as it does not affect his coin production.

Use the beginner layout shown in Sionsiths video if you have a limited coin production. Use Triceratops sculptures at first. Switch to Park Oasis later,John hammonds later , although you unlock John Hammonds earlier, Park Oasis is far cheaper.

Hi Brothers!
I have kept the buildings, particularly the ACU Security and Communication Tower for passing a mission. I will replace them with more Dino’s once I get new ones hatched!

Thanks for your input guys, really appreciated. I am planning to use John hammonds soon as I am close to reach level 54 and unlock it.


As of now, all of my buildings are kept at Isla Sorna, while Isla Nublar is reserved for Dino’s only. It keeps the clutter much clear. Using Badge beacon at Sorna for the buildings while the Revenue towers are used for Dino’s only!


You can keep all the buildings you want/like. You have lots of park room. I did all the story missions as fast as I could. Use this site to plan out for the big missions. Getting to say 40 amphibians can take time. also feeding 40 carnivores will teach you not to max them out as soon as you hatch them.

At your point in the game, most of your Dino’s are not going to be earning That much coin. Look for the ones that do earn and surround them with multipliers. If you watch the videos you can see ideas. Coin traps or setup rowes of dinos surrounded by 2 or 3 rowes of decorations. The thing to gather about decorations is look at range, size, and multiplier. So 3 hammonds take the same space as a fossil, but 3x7x muiltipler is 21X vs the fossil is only 10X.

As to how to get more items in your market, find some open space, buy say 10 fossils. Then click on them to pick it up and put it in your market.

When you have tons of coins, you can keep 200 fossils in your market if you like. But you can only sell 1 at a time. So keeping 3 or so fossils in your market is a good practice. Put the others in the park to help with multipliers. If you sell A few fossils, before you sell the last, pickup a few from the park. If you go to 0, you will loose those trade harbor deals. They don’t get changed to something else.