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Need Help For My Team

So, just weeks ago, I reached the Jurassic Ruins Arena. With the battles now getting harder, I’m considering making some changes. What advice can anyone give me?

Here is my team, and the creatures I have so far

JW Alive_2021-06-27-16-41-53

JW Alive_2021-06-27-16-42-30

JW Alive_2021-06-27-16-42-42

JW Alive_2021-06-27-16-42-55

JW Alive_2021-06-27-16-43-05

JW Alive_2021-06-27-16-43-21

JW Alive_2021-06-27-16-43-32

JW Alive_2021-06-27-16-43-49

Dodocevia is pretty good and I reccomend using it over monominimus.
I also reccomend scorpious rex to have a spot. It’s quite versatile and may work better than monolometrodon.

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Take off Indoraptor for Indominus Rex atm. Indoraptor is just worse

Which one‽ The epic or the legendary?

the legendary. the epic isnt that great. if you can eventually get the unique, that would be the best of the 3

Megalosuchus is the answer.

Dodocevia scorpius and indominus are my recommendations

Monomimus - Dodocevia
Indoraptor - Indominus
Work towards trykosaurus (swap for monolometrodon or stegodeus when unlocked)
And anything others said