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Need Help for Raids

Hey guy, I need some help with legendary/unique or Apex raids. Most of the times, my Clan doesnt communicate or knows tactics for even epic raids. That said, I would be very happy if you could invite me into raids and carry me through.WhatsApp Image 2021-03-10 at 14.11.11

This is my best team, I also got a Edmontoguanodon. Most of the times I was the healer of my group. I live in germany. Most of the times, I’m online. Thank you :slight_smile:

unfortunately i can’t help you in raids because im in a diffrent alliamce

Though i have to say your team isn’t all that balanced you have way to many fierce type dinos in there,only 2 resilient and 1 cunning.

What would you recommend for me?

Prob replace indoraptor with something else
A resilient or part resilient,pure cunning,or wild card
It’s not that good far a uique(though it does look cool)

Hmm which resilient would you recommend? Yea it looks cool and it did great work in park ruins for me.

at f8rst indoraptor might be powerful
But when u unlock other uniques like soyx,erlidominus,thor,etc then you realize it’s not that powerful

as for tyrannolopho if you have loads of tenontosaurus dna lying around you might want to start fusing tenontorex

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Well, then I will replace it with erlidominus I guess^^. Thank you for your advice!

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