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Need help guys

So this is my current lineup

I am trying to deepen it as much aa possible and so i thought about getting 2 tapejalosaurus and 2 stegoceratops this week. The reason i am getting stegoceratops and tapes is because of their Superhyrbids
I have this much s-dna

The thing is am i thinking too much in the future? Should i buy those guys(stego and tape) ? Or wait? Cuz i have seen people getting tapes in custom trades. But i have to wait for too long in order to do the coins<jurassic. So what should i do. Plzz suggest guys
Also i have two ankylodocus at level 20 thats an old pic

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Wait on the super hybrids. Even at L1, both Mono and Tapej will be a lot stronger than your current line up.

If you want to build the “seed” hybrids, sure have them on hand.

Focus either on Super rare hybrid that will work for you at L20 (2 copies) or Legendary/Tournament hybrids that will work for you at L10 or less.

We’d need to know the dinos you have unlocked to make better suggestions.

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Like what dinos? Legendaries, super rares or hybrids?

I am not planning to make Super hybrids right now i am working on their components

super rare hybrids. If you look up the dino spread sheet, any that fall above L10 VIP when at Level 20.

You’re basically looking for dinos stronger than L10 VIPs to help with your Dominator battles.

Any tournament hybrid you can make is good.

Personally, I’ve avoided Legendary hybrids to leap frog right to Tournament hybrids. You only get so much DNA in the game.

But, I was lucky that the first tournament hybrid I could unlock was Gorgosuchus, the best Amphibian in the game. Any copy of this dino, I will use for the rest of my game.

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@Timmah Screenshot_20200914_105130|690x326
Working on that spinoraptor as well

I did thought about tournament hybrids but they are too much for. Also after seeing this months cot i kind of didn’t had any hope. I will work with the flow instead

So should i get the tape and stego?

It your looking for dominator finishes keep getting the 10k loyalty packs and build your line up from the jurassics you get there they have such short cooldowns and I can comfortably sit in dominator with just these

Well if the game decides so

so far i have opened 6 of them and 2 jurrasics and 4 aquatics. Heck i even got a copy of hainosaurus

Lets just hope that tomorrow ones gonna give me a pterodactyls

Not hainosaur I’ve literally got enough to make a level 40 of him nearly :rofl:

I remember dawise weirdo got his first jurrasic on the tenth pack it was a prestosuchus btw

Just keep building your ledgendaries up also level 30s do fine in tournaments then once you have enough at level 30 make some level 40 for guaranteed wins :+1:

Hey once you get in predator what kind of battles do u face?

And can u plzz send me a pic of your top current lineup?

For your level your lineup is very good I think, plus you havent got an over abundance of carnivores which is good

What do u mean by overbundance?

So not too many carnivores