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Need help improving my line up. Any suggestions?



Keep power up V-rapter, this clever girl will help you a lot. Don’t spent all V-raptor DNA in Indominus.

Also, I thought Majundasuchus may be better than Concavenator, for its higher speed and extra move choice.
And collecting Majundasuchus DNA is easier.


I thought that, but with Blue coming out and her speed faster than V-raptor I thought it be better to spend on Indom. Especially since I’ll need a 20 Indom to get Indoraptor


And good idea with the Maj, I didn’t think of that


Actually, Blue got 131 spd, just a little bit slower than V-rapter.
(But higher than other raptors)
And her third move is “1x damage, 50% shield for 2 turns.”

Blue may be a strong raptor, but V-rapter can act first all the time.


Ahh ok I thought she was faster