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Need help improving my team

I just enteried nublar jungle and am looking to improve my team any sugestions from the pros?
My current team: sucotator lvl 11, thyla lvl 13, indom gen2 lvl 11, Rex lvl 13, blue lvl 13 (looking to speed boost him soon), yoshi lvl 11, carbo lvl 13 and maia lvl 12

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I mean, I don’t think its absolutely terrible, its decent to take out fierce bois but not the best during this meta(aka. resilients shut it down)

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wait who is yoshi?



use cunnings like pyro

remove rex for acro

Idk if others should or should not do this, but when I was still in lower arenas using epics and such I didn’t bother boosting any creatures, only started boosting when I started getting good legendaries and uniques. Saved a bunch of boosts to use on the “better” creatures. Its just a suggestion, nobody has to do this, its just what I did

yes, boost legendaries, it will help u a lot

Best advice I can give you is join an alliance they can carry u through legendary raids n maybe even apex and championships make the game 1000000% easier also do dailies (this month especially) don’t over level hybrid components and final tip don’t spend cash on anything but coin sales and work hard to beat epic strikes

i already have an alliance who can carry me through legendary raids, 2 apex raids and gets teir 8 in tournys also i can beat all advanced level strive events

Save all of your boosts for when you start unlocking Uniques and maybe certain Legendaries.

It’s a long, frustrating grind, but it’ll pay off in the long run.