Need help in selecting best 8 dinos


i am in arena 7 and having hard time winning most of the time.

I got lots of DNAs but no coins to level Dinos, so need help in selection of Dinos and whom I need to work/spend my coins on.

Can you guys help me please?




Swap out TRex, maybe for ouranasaurus, it kind of depends which dinos you are typically seeing most at your current arena?


Definitely hold off on leveling up that Utahraptor…when you run across more Sinoceratops DNA (as rare as it tends to be), you may want to test out Utahsinoraptor on your team in place of Utahraptor.

Otherwise, I’d say your current team is looking fairly decent. Keep darting that Velociraptor DNA when you can to continue working toward Indoraptor–your I-Rex is nearly level 20 after all, so you’ve got a good start!


As already said, I would drop Utah and also postimetrodon, he just doesn’t quite hold up for me in arena 7.
I personally would prefer any of the stego class over those 2- stegodeus/kentrosaurus/tuojiangosaurus/wuerhosaurus/stego.
Additionally, think about swapping in something that can remove buffs. I like suchotator because his clean+slow, remove buffs, instant cripple. He just can’t take many hits.


I am at 3700+ trophies and sees team mostly with 2+ or even 3+ Legends like Indominous, Utahsinoraptor, one more legend (don’t remember the name).

I can check Ouranasaurus details and will try. Thanks


Thanks for feedback. And you are right, I got like level 13 Sinoceratops really at low level but after that I don’t even see him anymore. Like I can’t even remember when I last got his DNA :frowning:


Good feedback, I will look into it for sure and get back to you.