Need Help Lost Account


Hi there
I have a problem . I passed the Arena 8 . My ID is YakYai. My level is 11. My trophies are 4008. I paid $30.99 aud to brought the green money for the special incubator. After that I closed the game and opened the game but it was struggling to 18/22 . I closed the game and opened it again but this time I lost everything and started to level 1. I don’t know what happens and I want you to help me to get everything back please. Because I very enjoy to play this game very much. Thank you.


Contact Ludia’s Support Team–they might be able to restore your account progress.

Scroll to the top of the forum and click the black “Support” tab. Then click the orange “Contact Us” tab and fill out the required information.

Due to the number of support tickets that Ludia processes, it may take 7-10+ days for them to get back to you. They handle tickets on a first-come, first-service basis–so if you don’t hear anything at first, don’t worry! They’re just taking care of other customers who submitted support tickets before you did.

Best of luck!


First, force quit out the app. If it has a login screen at the start, login to whatever you use to connect. It should show a screen asking if you want to move from the level 1 account back to your 11 account. I had this issue when i logged out before. If it doesn’t, play the level 1 account til you have access to settings and log out from there. Restart app and it should ask to log back in.


I will do. Thank you.


I will do . Thank you.