Need help making a balanced deck please


Was at 4k prior to reset, made a lot of improvements (or so I thought) and am hard stuck at 3800.

Any suggestions? I’m sorely lacking monostegotops. Never see the epic that goes into it.


Wrothgar I’m just ~7 wins behind you, but I have nowhere near that caliber of a team. I just unlocked my 2nd legendary! I’m assuming this is the new norm caused by the trophy reset and tourney.
Go out hard and keep them on the defensive
I find that I just have to outmaneuver my opponents, or get an extremely lucky crit in.


With all of the cheaters taking over the game, making a solid team is not going to go well. I’d say your team is fine, but no matter how many dinosaurs you level you will face cheaters.


Sounds like you’re doing better than I am :slight_smile: Great job!

I am definitely working on out-maneuvering them, I admit I need more practice with the reads (and I get impatient with multiple swaps).

That said, is there anything I can do for my deck?

And thanks as well Sprecto!

I’m seriously considering levelling my stupid suchatator.