Need Help on my account

Hello, JWA team,

Would like a request to link my google account to my fb account. I switched to IOS now and cannot login using google play. I still have access to my old phone if that helps. I have tried doing it on my end, however, there is already a level 4 account on my FB. There is no issue with deleting my level 4 account, I just want to play again :frowning: hope someone can help me. Already send an email to your support but only bot is responding

Click on your level top left when in game on new phone. There should be an option to logout or login with facebook try that. If not then on this same page on your old phone look at the very bottom in fine print it says “support key” copy that and contact support. Recommend copying the support key first before anything just in case something messes up that way you know what account it is.

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Hello thanks for the reply. It seems I’m not clear. My account is linked to my google play, which ios version don’t have the option to login. I have searched on ways to transferring account from android to ios and the only way is to fb. The problem is i cannot link my account to my facebook since I accidentally created a new account there. Now, i want to delete my account in facebook (lvl 4) and link my google play account (lvl 20) so that i can play my lvl 20 account on ios. Hope this clarifies everything.

I understand now in that case the only option I can think of is contact support. If you can still log into your old phone get the support key as mentioned above as they will need that. If you are unable to obtain the key then I wish you luck as support games dont tend to do anything without the “proper” identification but still try as they may very well have solution for you.

Note they are very likely going to take a long time to respond since they just broke the game with an update and are flooded with tickets. Expect a week.

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I was excited to play the event, but my android phone cannot handle the game right now. So buggy and laggy, hopefully it will be better with my IOS. I wanted to play so bad T.T

Thanks for the help. Hopefully they will notice my problem. I understand they are flooded with reports right now. All I can do is be patient.

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