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Need help retrieving game data



my son was playing on his own account but the device got reset by his younger brother…
ofcourse he doesn’t know his support key.

is there any way to reaccess the game he was playing?

he has a level 4 account, so nothing special i would like to hack in case someone wonders…

awaiting feedback.
best regards



Hey Murdock, do you know if your son’s account was connected to either his Facebook or Google Play store account? If so, try reconnecting back to either of those accounts and then relaunch the game. If your son was playing on a guest account, could you contact our support team here at If your son remembers anything related to his game, such as his old gamer ID and name, it’ll be helpful if he included it in the email as well.


i think he was connected through google account, i have sent a mail to ludia support so hopefully getting positve reply.

i did add his player name and ID.
we just can’t remember his support key