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Need help updating my team


This team has served me well for a while, but I’ve been slipping pretty tremendously the past couple of days. I have all these dinos at decent levels but Im confused about what changes I might want to make to my team. Suggestions?


Level tryostronix to l30-
Legendaries aren’t always the best. Looking at your dime, you could replace it with draco. Draco is usually dead meat after its DSR.
I dont really know what else… your team looks awesome in my eyes!


I would pick the Monostegotops over any other dino. Super versityle guy .
Remove the suchator.

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Or level stego and swap him with draco or spinotah/suchotator.


Thanks, that’s some good advice. I just really like suchotator especially against irex. But like the commenter above said, maybe replacing him with monostego will give me a bit more versatility

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Not sure if you face Indorapter regulary but Monostegotops is an excellence option to counter him even though he is under level. With the latest buff in Nullifying Impact and Slowing Impact, he is now a beast.


Your Move


Utahsino is really good now, but yeah monostego gets my vote. :+1:t2: