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Need help with my lineup!

This is my current load out, I’m currently on my way to get the super hybrid Dimetrocarnus, I have enough S-DNA to make 5 of them but I’m not sure which level they all should be.

My current beat dinosaur the Diplosuchus at level 20 have a ferocity of 5314.
The Dimetrocarnus at level 10 have a ferocity at 5496, should I upgrade them all the way to level 10 or leave them at around lvl 7-8, and if so exactly which lvl then.

  1. Get the dimetrocarnuses to lvl5-10
  2. Work on flyers and herbivores as you say you can get 5 dimetrocarnuses and you have plenty of amphibians
  3. Get some lvl 20 legendary hybrids i.e Suchoripterus, unayrhynchus

Are you the person who rushed indoraptor but had to sell it? If not get a lvl 11-15 indominus. Get tapejalocephalus if you have tapejalosaurus/monolophosaurus unlocked and keep it lvl 5 or so and get multiple is you have the S-DNA. Same with monostegotops
Finally a lvl 11-15 indominus rex gen 2 if unlocked
Also get some lvl 30-40 (40 if it is something like kentrosaur and is on the weak side) tournament creatures

Edit: your lineup is similar to mine

You should get them to level 10 in my opinion. The Ferocity gap between the Dinetrocarnus and Diplosuchus is less than 200, you should be able to manage that comfortably.

Yes i had to sell the indoraptors.
Here is my full lineup:

Should I upgrade the indo Rex gen 2 to lvl 15?

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Yes upgrade indominus gen 2 to 11-15. Whatever doesn’t unbalance

Thanks for the advice!

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No problem

Finalt got it!!!


I am following in your footsteps

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Wow what a line up of creatures I’m shocked. I started the game a week ago and currently on level 27 , cant wait to get to that level you guys are on but I guess it will take ages,


Welcome to the forums @Akash_Nandkumar
Yes it does take a while (a lot of the veterans will tell you) but it has become easier for all of us with these forums. A lot of people create threads to ask how to improve (like this one) and by the end of it they have a really great lineup🙃

I started playing in 2015-2016 then stopped and started playing again in the beginning of 2020. I was surprised how easy it was to level up because when I started it took ages and for example the T-Rex was unlocked at I think level 17.

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Pretty nice to have this now