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Need help with my team please

Screenshot_20210616-050037_JW Alive
Screenshot_20210616-050045_JW Alive
Screenshot_20210616-050052_JW Alive
Screenshot_20210616-050104_JW Alive

Get a tryo so you can do a bunch of raids to get better creatures. It’s decent in lower pvp too

I’m working on it 120 DNA to go!! Other than him any advice? I’m losing alot at 2500 ish trophies

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Get dracoceratops in

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remove raptor and put diplodocus , evolve it

Def remove raptor, maybe add stegodeus cause you def need more resilients

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lvl 18 diplod is a monster , has decel has shatering

Yeah, that’s true also, but I think with the team, there’s quite enough fierce. I’d prioritize resilients, which is why I suggested deus. Plus, to not have at least two resilients is asking to do pretty badly with the resilient heavy meta

diplo is also resilient

get ankyntrosaurus for refrenantem raids and potentially hydraboa

Yes, but only with 2 of 3 moves. Plus, deus has 30% armor and is just a decent mid game hybrid in general