Need help with my team


Hello everyone! I have a good leveled team for the time I play. I have a winning/losing rate acceptable (some days I lose more, others I win more, it’s part of the game) but I would like to know what do you guys would change or if you have some advice on it. Here’s my team and best rooster:

Thanks in advance for any advice :grin:


Definitely have gorgosuchus in your team, its a beast that can kill with one shot. But never open with it though


Definitely swap out tany for gorgo, mines also level 13 and hits hard…


Amazing swap!! I was on the fence with Gorgosuchos 'cause I’ve tried him at level 11 and found it a bit underwhelming. Yesterday, I’ve tested it 3 times in batlles (now on level 13) and WOOHAAA, this guy hits hard!