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Need help with team building

This is my team so far but I have been losing some battles lately, what dinos should I switch out and put in my team instead? I’m still working on unlocking some more dinos. My trophy count is at 5003 right now.

I recommend spinoconatrictor but right now I say try and focus on leveling up your team.


But only if you have the boosts. It needs lots of health.
Compsocalus is also decent

Did you mean to put the pointing up emoji? You put… a different one…
Anyways, I think OP’s team is pretty good. Build up Thor and Skoona for raids, but don’t use Thor for PvP. Spinocon or Grypo are better picks. Just keep FIPing, grinding, and darting for the DNA you need to get your Uniques leveled. Maybe level Testa a bit for the one of the new creatures that have been datamined. I’d personally replace Rinex with Trebax once you get it, (Get a good alliance who can help with raids to work for it) but other than that I don’t really have more advice to assist you here, as my team is radically different from yours.


Whoops. I did. :sweat_smile:


Ya I do have a lot of coins to level up my Dino’s but sadly I out of DNA for my Dino’s to level them up and my alliance don’t much DNA for the Dino’s needed for them, most I get is like 100 DNA, which Dino’s should I switch out for the snake or compy?

No worries, I thought that you put the wrong one. I have done that too lol

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I forgot to add my Turtlesdeer’s stats, she been a cloak dino killer


It’s a good team. How’d you get Indot without fusing? Bought the inc?

Ya every once in a awhile I buy dinos or incubators from the store, I don’t buy the dinos if I’m not gonna use them.

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Newb here, as I’m only level 12 but do you guys pay to play to be able to get so high? As in levels, dinos?

Usually it’s worth trying to level up dinos than paying $100 or $50 for dinos but to me the coin sales are worth the buy, my dinos other than the carno were not bought, some unlocked from tournament than worked to level up the Dino’s required to level up that dino, I’m thinking of dropping the carno til I’m able to level up the dna of the Dino’s required to level it up but she does some heavy damage to tanks. She’s one hit defeated a lot of Dinos, the cloak helps her live longer because she can be easily defeated without it

I would say try to level up your other uniques like trykosaurus, tuoramolock, magnapyritator, spynoconstrictor, or compsognathus

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Ya I just unlocked the dna for Tryko, I need tank killers