Need help with team. I am losing fast

I have an Acrocanthosaur, T. rex, Charlie, smilodon, suchotater, monolophosaur, compys, and haast gen 1. Any objectives or complements?

Can I see all you creatures please?

like what? all level 11

one is level 13 though smilodon

at the moment

Just of whatever you have unlocked

so, megalosaurus, t-rex gen 2 and spino gen 2 are new. but i don’t now which one to use!

Spino gen 2 for charlie

sort of depends on what arena your in and what your facing rule of thumb is anything you have theres is better so you have to figure out what the best counters are, smiley is a good counter to quite a few things DOT creatures are less useful now with all the cunnings swappers help as well if you have any of those. But with limited info thats the best i have sorry.