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Need help with team

I need to know if my team is strong enough or I should improve. Would like suggestions for it.

Your team can always improve. Right now, Id say you got too many cunning creatures . Maybe focus on some more feorce or resilient

I would say swap grypo for eridom or procetaomumius

Get entelolania on there he is amazing

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Thanks for the suggestions!

Grypo in, procera out, that’s for certain. And perhaps you wanna try entelolania replacing erlidom, im not sure about it but erlidom would be your second weakest. Another important tip, stop leveling your thor, even if you have the dna. Give some time for your rest of the team to catch up, so the whole team is balanced. You don’t want to be another person who rely so much on matchup luck because they have one overleveled creature


Always room for improvement.
cunnings suffer pretty heavily right now. I would replace procerath with entelolania. and either erlidom, magna or Orion with grypo. all three have some difficulty in the meta.

if you can change your team without putting in boosts atm, i would. A new update is coming soon (hopefully in a week or 2) so i would save coin, dna and boosts until then just to be certain that there isn’t anything you would choose over what you have now.