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Need help with today’s carnivore carnage

Which dinos and mods should I use (I have basically all the mods)?



Do you have at least 3 splinters?

If you do go fodder fodder main to build up reserve to 8 and fully attack with your main (make sure to put your splinter on your main though)

So first round you reserve 1, next round defend 2 reserve 1, next round reserve 4, wait for ai to take out your second creature and then 8 attack with your main.


Should I use 3 splinters then?

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1 for each battle yeah, that’s for a gauranteed win, you need to make sure you don’t go too weak on the main, that ostafrika will do fine but anything lower may not be able to take out 3 enemies in 1 go

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Remember, splinter breaks down the attack.
1st dino will get 50% of your attack
2nd dino will only get 25% of your attack
3rd dino will only get 25% of your attack

Edit: if you only have 2 opponents, then it will distribute it 50/50


Question, does the AIs shuffle take effect right away or only when that dino is fighting?

But the ai has shuffle so my splinter would go to him and I would get his mods.

Yes and x8 attack will be x20 of your creatures damage so you can work out the damage quite easy, ostas damage is 250 so it will do 5,000 damage which split across is 2,500 then 1,250 then 1,250 so unfortunately that wont be enough…

Yes, that’s true, I would say this events not worth it then

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Ok I will still try but whatever then. Thanks for the advice tho

Well, I tried with the T. rex, alang and velociraptor spending like 250 ish db then the game crashes and it won’t let me back into the battle. I mean I lost anyway so just wasted db but I’ll get it back soon.

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