Need I balance ferocity?

Today at night I maxed my favorite hybrid Allonogmius. So for a little balance between Allonogmius (15k ferocity cca) and Dimetrocarnus (11 459) I hatched third indoraptor and get him to level 10 (13400 cca if i remember correctly) Should i balanced that more and if which creatures i should level up?

Today is event for buck - most hardest event of all so I will see if i will get a trable


Important is to have many Dinos that have a ferocity around your top 3.

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I think it looks balanced

There’s a little separation between you top two and the rest. You can afford to get your indos up to level 6 without them cracking your top 3. Level 7 would have them surpass your Dimetroc.

so indos level 6, should I?

I think so, but maybe others will disagree.

I have very much “unfinished” levels like 17, 27 etc. until now i keep max difference in ferocity for 500, but i know from my own experiences 1500 points is still enough for finish pve

EDIT: Hope this is better ferocity balance

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Nice. I currently have 13 dinos between 5730 (my top) and 5315 (my lvl 20 diplos).

Btw PvE is still playable for me

Why you don`t get the other indoraptors to Level 10? They would bei at 4th, 5th and 6th place in your lineup. So the battles stay the same.

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How can I calculate ferocity of mine dinos?

There is an artikel to this topic. See below.
Here is a simple approximation: Ferocity = Attack * 3,2 + Health


Yeah, my son’s ferocity is way less balanced than me and he is okay with PVPs.