Need Indoraptor Advice


So I finally welcomed my Indoraptor to my team yesterday, but because of RL interference (aka work) I haven’t been able to battle much since then. When I did, however, I lost more than I expected to when I got her in my lineup.

Clearly, I don’t know how to best utilize an Indoraptor yet. I would welcome any advice! Is it best to use her as a starter, when you’re down one or two dinos or as a nice surprise for the opponent at the end? Of course, it depends on what you’re facing as well, but maybe you can give me some general guidelines.

I’m level 15, currently about 3,800 trophies. My team consists of Indoraptor 21, Indominus Rex 20, Stegodeus 21, Tragodistis 19, Monostegotops 19, Pyrritator 18 and Stegoceratops 19.

P.S. My goal is to get to the top 10 on the leaderboard (LOL… definitely just kidding. Top 500 would be lovely!)

Thanks for any input/advice and GL to everyone!


actually indoraptor is not so strong, because it not immunity and no the cloak damage , it was so easy to counter by enemy. Don’t hope so much from it.


Indoraptors are fast big hitters & nothing else. Evasive stance doesn’t work half the time so don’t use it as your 1st move as you can use it anytime when necessary as it will take precedence over everthing. I use my indoraptor only when the score is 2-2 or when I am 2-1 down.


i never start with it. save it for something with armor/shields/invincibility.


Thanks for the replies. Although she can be a glass cannon, I love having my Indogirl on my team. With her help, I made it back to Arena 8 and the leaderboard! **

** … for a while …