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Need inputs on how to fight against team having 3+ raptors

Stuck in arena 6 for a while now. And I think I lost every game where opponent has 3+ raptors, and after Blue was released I encounter raptor teams more often now.

I have a Wuer and a Nodopa as raptor counters. However they seem not to be enough now.
it’s hard to find another raptor counter (enough hp, slowing ability and easy to level up). I guess what I can do is to level up my stego from lv10 to lv17 now?

Anyone having better idea?

The only way to beat this is to buy a minimum of 500 dollars worth of incubators than you level up your Dino’s and bam problem solved.( the alternative is hacks) The only real counter to a raptor is a higher leveled raptor

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Stego, easy to level up and common as muck. I have mine firmly on my team at all times, level 18 almost 19. His a tank, use your strike first and they’ll pounce THEN use thagomiser and you should still have half health over their dead raptor.

I’m using Dimetrodon/Secodontosaurus as Raptor counter … because they can tank Pounce and are immune to debuffs.

Or, as alternative, my own Raptors to beat my opponent ones.

But my best Raptor counter is of course Stegoceratops … and he’s not too hard to get. Way better than Stegosaurus.

Another good raptor counter is stegoceratops, one of my favorites. And, if course, a higher level raptor. Sometimes the best counter for a level 15 raptor is a level 16 one. You face a team full of raptors? If your velociraptor is higher, they don’t stand a chance against you, any of them.

You need to use any dino that will give you a speed advantage or you could go defensive with an anky! Although i dont trust sheilds tbh. And then there’s always indominus and his invincibility :slight_smile:

Raptors can be beat but with high level Dino’s high health and armour . Also like above your pretty much screwed if your against a bunch of hit first raptors which they all are…I can beat a team with 2 raptors easy sometimes then not the others all depends on what you have and what level they have theirs at.

Plain and simple spend and you’ll get better Dino’s lol

Best of luck
And I’ll never buy a over priced incubator they are insane!!


That’s one raptor dude he’s talking about a team my reply is filtered it’s coming lol just listen to this one the filters are annoying basically high health levels and depends on movesets enisuchus can kill one velociraptor depending on level also stegosaurus and a couple others would take forever to list them but my eniasuchus is at level 20 going to 21 tomorrow . I level up all my Dino’s at once mostly cause of the cost of 50,000 a level on some ! But get your DNA and spend money on levelling up good Dino’s and you’ll see a difference I’ll attach a pic of my team that works great but I have no legendary yet just working on leveling and saving my DNA for legendarys . I can take on teams of raptors but my raptors at lower level compared to most but I never come out first with him!

No I never looked into it because it’s not fun but you can see them on YouTube

I just want to say I’m jealous of your level 15 Dilophosaurus. They don’t spawn near here, but I love them and it makes me happy it’s on your roster.

Carry on!

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Thanks for all people replied. I think I gonna try to level up my velo to lv17. I can only level up one because I’m desperate for coins.
It’s a velo race, isn’t it?

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Ankylosaurus epic version is goos against raptor too if you can anticipate his pounce, i have one at 17 and work well even vs indominus rex and raptors

I love my Dilophosaurus :grin: kicks butt in battles .



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Stegodeus is the best counter I’ve found so far. High armour, thagomiser and can shield. The shield also makes it a decent indorex counter

We’re gonna be seeing 8 raptor teams here soon. My advice is run. Just run. We’re being hunted.

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Now clone 5 more stegos.

Stegodeus is a hybrid legendary. These raptors are common, Rares and epics. Which ones easier to get?

Stegosaurus, Stegoceratops, Stegodeus, Ankylosaurus, 2nd Gen Ankylosaurus

Sounds good, let’s have a week dedicated to those exclusively as well and call it a day. :wink:

Hoping developers amp up the armors to 50% and more for all tanky dinos - that would make it more interesting play - tanks withstands raptors —> rexes chomps tanks —> raptors slices rexes