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Need inspiration for Indom G2 strike

With the change to boosts, epic towers just got interesting again and I need some inspiration to defeat it.

The assumption is it is:

Indom G2
Rex G2

My current thoughts to get over it are:


Max should be able to take on Echo and/or Indom G2. I.e. slow Echo and can Instant Inv Indom G2 if it cloaks

Thylo for Rex G2
Rinex for Rex G2

Erlidom back up/Echo killer

Anyone have any other thoughts?

I talked about it on the gameplay thread
I’m going with :
Alankylo lvl 21
Rat 22
Magna 22
Diplovenator 20

All unboosted.

Swap to alankylo if echo

Swap to draco then magna for indom

Diplo for rex

Only one situation where the plan doesn’t work is if indom cloak/mutual fury then strike on rat instead of rampage…

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I’ll go with:
Magna lvl 25
DC lvl 25
Quetzorion lvl 23
Tryko lvl 26.
All still unboosted.

Only problem I see if it starts with Echo and I start with Magna.